Participants will be provided with adequate housing information from their contracting organisations. The participant, not the contracting organisation, will be responsible for the housing contract and subsequently for all housing costs. Although the contracting organisation may handle the housing arrangements on behalf of the participant, all costs incurred must be borne by the participant. The contracting organisation may also designate the participant's housing arrangements.

Although most JETs take over the previous JETs apartment, and do not need to pay any deposit or key money, in some cases it might be possible that you are asked to move into a new apartment. In Japan, prior to moving in, several fees are incurred in addition to rent. These include shikikin (deposit), reikin (key money), real estate agency commission, and an advance payment of the first month’s rent. All of these costs must be paid shortly upon arrival in Japan. The total amount is typically the equivalent of two to six months’ rent. Costs for maintenance and repair will be as specified in the housing contract.